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How to see your Facebook data in 2 easy steps.

October 3, 2017

There is A LOT of great information about your Facebook page that you may be ignoring. If you have not visited your Insights tab yet, you are in for some big fun. This is one of my top client tips so read on, it's easy and super impactful! 


Step 1: Do you have a Facebook business page? Log into it.


First, know that in order to see your data your page needs to be set up as a business (or "Page".) One quick way to verify this is to check if you can 'Like' it.


Step 2: Access your data by clicking on Insights.


When you are logged in to your business page simply click on Insights at the top of the page under your Page name:


Notice that the left hand navigation has changed and it will default to the Overview page.


Have fun checking out all your data, it's pretty easy to read and each data point has a little "i" on it, hover on it and a definition will appear. 



A little extra info...

Check out the Notifications tab next to the Insights tab, this is where you can keep track of when visitors have contacted or engaged with you. Make sure to keep an eye on this so you can answer them. 


Take a look at the Posts page, you will see when most of your users are on Facebook and you can plan to publish your post for that time. If you post at 2pm and most of your users aren't on until 9pm they could miss your post in their crowded News feed. 


Please share this post with the small businesses that you care about, it's amazing how many busy entrepreneurs I meet that do not know the Insights tab exists! :-)

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